Tomer Yechezkel

Head of Systems group

Tomer Yechezkel has over 13 years of proven experience in multidisciplinary development projects, both as mechanical Dev. group leader, mechanical designer, and System Engineer, bringing to Electriq Global vast experience and deep understanding in the process of “from conceptual design to production.” Tomer has extensive experience in leading a development of armored vehicles from concept to serial production, under the envelope of the ministry of defense in Israel. As part of his duties at the Ministry of Defense, he managed a factory with diverse mechanical manufacturing technologies and machinery. Prior to joining Electriq Tomer worked at Razor-Labs, a software startup in the field of deep learning, leading a mechanical engineering team focusing on the correlation between machine sensing data and machine failures in order to create data-driven predictive algorithms as a tool for predictive maintenance. Tomer holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. in mechanical engineering, both from Tel-Aviv University.