The Future of Fuel

The race is on for the cost-effective, emission-free alternative to burning fossil fuels. Electriq~Global has developed a groundbreaking fuel comprised of 60% water. We’ve set ourselves a lofty target: Twice the Range, Half the Price and Zero Emissions.




Zero Emissions

How It Works

Electriq~Global’s technology mirrors our current ‘well-to-wheel’ refuelling ecosystem, meaning its global rollout requires very little specialised infrastructure (unlike battery and compressed hydrogen technologies). As the technology is adopted, fuel companies will become partners in our open source, zero emission fuel. The goal is to have Electriq~Fuel available at your local fuel station.

Electriq Fuel Rollout

PRESS RELEASE: Cars Will Run On Water

Cars Will Run On WaterIsraeli-Australian startup Electriq~Global (, formerly known as Terragenic) has developed a fuel that will drive the future of humanity in a…

Introducing Electriq~Global

Your world is about to change. Welcome to Electriq~Global. If you could help solve one of the world’s biggest problems, would you? If it was…

Case Study: Long Haul Trucks

Electriq~Global is committed to growing our team of approved joint venture partners working to build products that support our Electriq~Fuel.We’re working hard towards a solution…

Presentation from our CEO

Our CEO Guy Michrowski visited Electec in The Netherlands and presented the revolutionary Electriq~Global fuel system.The adverse side-effects of burning fossil fuels have been known…

The Future of Fuel – How It Works

Our open-source Electriq~Fuel is 60% water, liquid-stable at ambient pressure and temperature, and requires very little specialised infrastructure to roll out globally. While the changes…


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