We’re solving the gaps that conventional hydrogen cannot.

Hydrogen is playing a critical role in the global energy mix. But traditional hydrogen such as compressed hydrogen gas or liquified hydrogen, require complex infrastructure and cumbersome, costly safety measures, while suffering from lower energy density. 

Contrarily, Electriq Global has engineered a patented coffee-like hydrogen technology that counters these challenges - offering practical, real-world solutions for hydrogen storage, transport, and usage.

Inherently safe.

Electriq’s unique powder form (KBH4) is inert, non-flammable, and highly accessible, making it easy to meet (and exceed) regulations across the supply chain.

Use Anywhere, on-demand.

Electriq’s Release technology can be used without access to the grid or stationary infrastructure. In land and at sea, Electriq is truly the safe and versatile hydrogen carrier.

Superior energy storage density to conventional hydrogen.

Surpassing compressed or liquified hydrogen, Electriq’s hydrogen storage solution exceeds 9% in dry storage density and delivers 99.999% hydrogen purity.

Ocean friendly

Shipping accidents do happen, and Electriq Fuel will simply dissolve in seawater if it comes to a spill, decomposing into natural minerals that seawater contains.

Get power at the press of a button

Electriq’s zero-emission hydrogen power can be used and controlled on-demand with a simple Release system. It is really as easy as pressing a button.

Transported like everyday products.

Distribute hydrogen just like you would coffee - in ambient conditions and without special infrastructure such as piping, refrigeration, grid-power, leakage, tanks, and more.

Lossless storage that lasts years.

Electriq’s lossless hydrogen storage technology is designed to last for years in complete safety - perfect for storing renewable power and building strategic reserves.

Sustainable and circular

The  consumed elements of Electriq Fuel are hydrogen and water. The core minerals (potassium and boron) convert repeatedly between the fuel (KBH4) and the by-product (KBO2), and are not wasted.

Introducing Electriq Fuel and Electriq Release

Electriq Fuel

Our hydrogenation process turns hydrogen gas, where and when it is available, into a powdery coffee-like form (KBH4), packaged and ready to store or transport with ease.

Electriq Release

Our dehydrogenation system turns the Electriq Fuel back into hydrogen and electric energy where and when it’s needed (such as off-grid applications)

Turning Projects into Partners


Turn your hydrogen sources into a simple, safe, and lossless carrier.


Use hydrogen at the press of a button, even if you’re remote or off-grid.

"Most importantly, we can operate emission free and without noise disturbance on construction sites."
Mr. Sander Roosjen
“Electriq recognized the excellent match between its energy storage technology and the inland navigation sector’s need for a green on-board energy solution, and this application could well become an ice-breaker for the broader adoption of hydrogen and fuel cells in our region and beyond.”
Jan Piet van der Meer
Dutch Hydrogen Prize 2020 Winner - Erik Middelman Award
"With Electriq’s [Release System], we expect to operate our boats with the same freedom and flexibility that we enjoy when using diesel - while operating 100% green.”
Casper Wulfers
Co-founder, BOOT10

Does your project need a safe and practical hydrogen solution?