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Designed to capture a significant portion of the $11 trillion dollar market of hydrogen fuel.

A solution for the $11 trillion dollar fuel of the future.

The world is realizing that the electric grid alone cannot sustain global demand, and that it needs zero-carbon fuels to support the grid, store excess power, and supply power where the grid can’t go. 

That’s why hydrogen is expecting $11t of investments by 2030, and Electriq Global's patented technology is uniquely positioned to address the needs for long-term storage and off-grid applications - with validated proof of concepts already demonstrated.

Tested and proven, ready to scale.

Each component of the Electriq technology is tested and proven, with only upscaling and development required to bring the solution to market. Together with market and regulatory tailwinds, Electriq is positioned to unlock the hydrogen economy.

Distinct impact across the entire hydrogen value chain

Hydrogen Producers

Package and transport hydrogen as if it were an everyday consumer product - no special equipment or infrastructure required. Now hydrogen can boldly go where it couldn’t go before.

Long Term Hydrogen Storage

Electriq Fuel allows you to store hydrogen in a safe, lossless, and compact form for years - perfect for storing excess energy and constituting strategic energy caches.

Hydrogen Users

Harness the power of hydrogen at the press of a button. Electriq Release can generate or back up energy anywhere you need it to - without access to power or complex infrastructure.

Recent Case Study: RKB in Netherlands

Construction sites often have limited access to grid energy, so they must rely on fuel to power construction equipment. However, since Europe and the world at large are deprecating fossil fuels such as diesel, machinery providers such as our partners at RKB are looking to hydrogen. But not just any hydrogen.

Conventional hydrogen, such as liquified or compressed hydrogen gas, cannot be deployed in sufficient volumes at construction sites due to safety regulations.

Electriq Global has the answer for them, with a hydrogen carrier technology that is as safe and practical to use as cement, requires no access to grid power, has class-leading energy density, and is simple to meet or exceed safety regulations.

"Most importantly, we can operate emission free and without noise disturbance on construction sites."
Mr. Sander Roosjen
“Electriq recognized the excellent match between its energy storage technology and the inland navigation sector’s need for a green on-board energy solution, and this application could well become an ice-breaker for the broader adoption of hydrogen and fuel cells in our region and beyond.”
Jan Piet van der Meer
Dutch Hydrogen Prize 2020 Winner - Erik Middelman Award
"With Electriq’s [Release System], we expect to operate our boats with the same freedom and flexibility that we enjoy when using diesel - while operating 100% green.”
Casper Wulfers
Co-founder, BOOT10

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