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The story and team behind Electriq’s unique powder power.

From hydrogen to powder to power.

The unique properties of Electriq Fuel and Electriq Release were founded in R&D.

We need zero-carbon fuels, but...

The world is realizing that the electric grid alone cannot sustain global demand, and that it needs zero-carbon fuels like hydrogen to support the grid, store excess power, and supply power where the grid can’t go. The imminent challenge is that the use of hydrogen as a fuel currently has major drawbacks and gaps across storage, transport, and usage.

Traditional hydrogen won't cut it.

Traditional hydrogen forms such as compressed hydrogen gas or liquified hydrogen require complex infrastructure and cumbersome and costly safety measures, and suffer from low energy density. Electriq Global is a first of its kind, delivering hydrogen power in a ground-coffee-like form which is safe and simple to use, and has superior energy density to other hydrogen carriers.

So Electriq Global found a way.

The technology was enhanced after Baruch Halpert, a seasoned executive with more than 20 years of experience in venture capital and private equity as an entrepreneur, investor, corporate finance advisor and senior executive, started funding with a group of investors to lead Electriq’s R&D team - solve for niche problems in the wider hydrogen economy. Electriq is now seeking partners both upstream and downstream to pilot the solution at greater scale, after successfully validating the technology. Together, Electriq and their partners are unlocking the hydrogen economy.


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