Video: Electriq teams with RKB and ECS to power mobile cranes and construction sites with hydrogen

July 2, 2021
 Min Read

On Friday, June 4, 2021, Electriq was hosted by Het Ridderkerks Kraanwagenbedrijf BV (RKB) to present the project converting mobile overhead cranes to renewable electricity and hydrogen energy, so that construction work can be done CO2 neutrally, and emissions free.

The first step, performed by ECS Holland, was to electrify a crane and integrate batteries. Electricity is fairly limited on the construction site, and the PowerPack of Electriq Global will provide zero-emissions electricity to recharge the batteries and power the crane and other battery hybrid mobile construction machines on the construction site.

This is the world's first low-pressure hydrogen system and consequently it is not subject to the safety restrictions of compressed hydrogen systems. The crane can now run completely on hydrogen and also meets safety, environmental and noise pollution requirements.

In the Netherlands there are approximately 1300 diesel powered cranes. Converting these cranes, which still perform very well, extends their useful life - so they do not have to be scrapped and instead are made more sustainable.

Video courtesy of RKB and ECS.

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