Successful launch of Joshua in Amsterdam

September 12, 2022
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From powder to power: Electriq Global introduces world's first genset running on hydrogen powder

Powdered hydrogen genset paves the pathway to the decarbonisation of the construction industry

Amsterdam, September 12th 2022 - Electriq Global, the next generation hydrogen energy storage company, has introduced the world’s first genset powered by hydrogen powder. Hydrogen in powder form is an untapped, sustainable, scalable energy source that will support the global energy transition and further unlocks the potential of hydrogen as a sustainable energy source. The powder ensures a circular solution for safe, long term storage, distribution and last mile release, thereby presenting a solution that can substitute fossil fuels today.

Hydrogen powder: enabling the use of Hydrogen

Electriq Global today introduced its first product to market: the Joshua - a 8kW/80kWhgenset powered by hydrogen powder. This system offers a readily deployable substitute for diesel generators. This marks the solution to a substantial problem in the new hydrogen economy, since despite the enormous potential hydrogen has in the transition to sustainable energy usage, significant challenges regarding its applicability remain. To view about the insights into the functioning of the Electriq Moses Generator Set click here.

In its most common gas form, hydrogen for instance cannot be used unless safety measures and a complex infrastructure for use and delivery at scale are in place. Hydrogen gas is generally compressed requiring a high pressure infrastructure that consists of compressors  and gas cylinders  for transport and storage. For sectors such as the construction industry, these safety measures, combined with the collateral risk in case of accidents make compressed hydrogen  a suboptimal solution. Nevertheless, this sector is desperately seeking ways to minimize its impact on the environment, having to comply with increasingly stringent PAS regulations in the Netherlands, and being forced to phase out diesel generators in metropolitan construction sites like Amsterdam.

The powdered hydrogen solutions from Electriq Global address these issues. In powdered form, the hydrogen can be shipped as easy as in cardboard boxes and be stored for years in ambient conditions without energy loss. In addition, the powder forms a circular energy source since it can be recharged following its use. In order to release the hydrogen that is contained in this powder, no external energy, heat or pressure is required.

The Joshua Genset

The first application leveraging the benefits of hydrogen powder is the Joshua - the world's first genset that is able to transform the proprietary powder into power. This genset works in a similar manner to existing diesel-generators, however rather than using diesel, the genset uses water and pellets containing the hydrogen powder to power it. The Joshua has an 8kW/80kWh output, meaning it can work for up to 10 hours in full capacity delivering 5 kg of hydrogen from the powder. The Joshua genset has been designed to be used in the construction industry as demonstrated last Friday, where it powered a mobile construction crane that was developed in cooperation with RKB and ECS in Ridderkerk. In addition, the Joshua genset can be used in stationary form to power other off-grid electricity needs such as festivals or remote locations as well as remote operations.

Erwin Bruintjes, CEO at ECS: “We are proud to be the first company in the world to have demonstrated this hydrogen powered mobile crane together with Electriq Global. ECS is committed to decarbonizing construction sites, and assist in complying with increasingly strict regulations regarding emissions and environmental impact. This emission-free crane running on hydrogen powder shows the potential and marks a huge step in this direction.

Baruch Halpert, Executive chairman and CEO at Electriq Global: “The Joshua genset can be used in any environment, making this an ideal green energy powered replacement for diesel generators that are being used daily at construction sites and other off-the-grid use cases. With the introduction of this first real-world application that is ready to power off grid solutions at scale we’re making a huge step in supporting the global energy transition, creating clean power out of hydrogen powder.

About Electriq Global
Electriq Global is a hydrogen storage technology company developing green fuel solutions for the clean energy market. Incorporated in Australia, Electriq Global operates in the EU from The Netherlands, with its R&D center in Israel. Electriq’s patented technology spans the entire energy storage, transport and delivery spectrum with hydrogen at its core. For more information, visit

About ECS
ECS enables emission-free construction sites. The Ridderkerk-based organization develops equipment for the construction site that runs on electricity and refurbishes equipment that runs on fossil fuels. Thanks to the ECS equipment, building sites meet the strict environmental requirements and work can be done with minimum noise.

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