Electriq~Global is attending the 2018 Zero Emissions Bus conference to discuss our water-based fuel. ZEB 2018 will run on November 27th & 28th in Cologne. 300 policy makers, bus operators and industry experts come together to drive forward a zero emission future for public transport.

While there are other zero emissions technologies,

We have the best.

Our water-based fuel provides buses with a far greater range for a much lower cost. Our Electriq~Fuel is recyclable, and it is entirely zero emissions.

Using the benchmark of all systems weighted to the required 1,500kg Lithium-Ion battery, our studies found the following comparisons:

Electriq~Fuel Compressed Hydrogen Lithium-Ion Battery
Range (km) 2,000 1,000 250
Cost ($/km) 0.27 0.53 0.34

Electriq~Global aims to take an active role in promoting Zero Emission Buses. We are introducing our highly innovative technology: the development of Electriq~Fuel.

When compared with the current fuel options for buses, Electriq~Fuel offers twice the range, half the price, and zero emissions. Our fuel is an energy-rich liquid, it is liquid-stable, non-flammable, non-explosive and safe at ambient pressure and temperature.

Electriq~Fuel is a safe and economical liquid carrier of hydrogen. This cutting-edge technology, apt to revolutionize the “green energy” sector, provides a technological leap for the motor industry, and specifically for Zero Emissions Buses. The technology outperforms the batteries and energy fuel cells which until now were considered as the preferred “zero emission” solution.

The European ZEB conference is hosted by the Mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker. ZEB 2018 will add pressure to the business sector and policymakers to provide clean energy solutions for the transport sector with the end goal of improving air quality. Electriq~Global has the solution. When compared to other green energy competitors, we achieve: Twice the Range, Half the Price and Zero Emissions. So if you’re attending the conference, we’d love to meet you. Let’s discuss how we can best achieve the goals set out by ZEB 2018 and build cleaner transport solutions.

Join the worldwide Electriq~Team and help build the Future of Fuel.
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