G’day and Shalom! Welcome to 2019

Thank you for following Electriq’s journey towards driving the future of fuel with our game changing zero-emissions, water-based fuel. As we enter the new year, it’s time to look back at some of the highlights of our global launch, and the roadmap ahead.

2018 – Year In Review:

1. We rebranded. Formerly Terragenic, we’re now Electriq~Global with the new taglines ‘Your car will run on water’ – and – ‘twice the range, half the price, zero emissions’ which landed us in 100s global publications, including Business Insider and Forbes!

2. New website with community (that’s you!), technology, press and upcoming rubber-to-road timeline launched at www.electriq.com. Electriq~Global grew in size, raised funds and had numerous patents granted.

3. Plus, we completed our 30kW onboard system for a fuel cell powered truck. This system is being tested and is nearly ready for unveiling. Heads will turn!

2019 – Things to look out for:

1. Our first Electriq~Fuel Recycling Centre will soon begin construction in Israel – giving us new scope and proving larger scale works.

2. R&D continues on our ‘Gen 2’ Fuel, which will be even more potent than our current solution.

3. Joint Venture partnerships for zero emissions buses and trucks (formal announcements coming very soon – stay tuned!).

We’d also like to thank YOU, the community. Just remember you’re the first to know the secret; water will power your friends and family’s cars, buses, bikes, trains – keep spreading the word, they will all remember when Electriq~ goes Global!

All the best for 2019, have an Electriq~ year 🙂

The team at Electriq~Global

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