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Electriq Global Announces Appointment of New Public Affairs Ambassador

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 15th, 2021

210415 JanPiet PAA

H2Gate: towards transshipment of 1 million tons of green hydrogen in the Amsterdam port

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 16th, 2021

210316 H2Gate

UvA and AC2T research GmbH sign research collaboration on materials for clean energy

Amsterdam, 18 January 2021

210118 AC2T-UVA

Electriq Global and GVG Oil Trade B.V. to partner in fuelling Passenger Canal Boats with Electriq Fuel

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, January 4th , 2021

210104 GVG

Electriq Global will launch its Zero Emissions, Hydrogen-Rich Fuel in the Netherlands by powering passenger canal boats with an Electriq PowerPack

Amsterdam, NL, 21 December 2020

201218 Staets

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