Our CEO Guy Michrowski visited Electec in The Netherlands and presented the revolutionary Electriq~Global fuel system.

The adverse side-effects of burning fossil fuels have been known for decades, but a clean solution that’s also compatible with our current refuelling infrastructure hasn’t been available… until now. Electriq~Fuel is liquid-stable at ambient pressure and temperature; it is 60% water. Our entire process is emission-free, and depleted fuel is brought back to a recycling centre to be reinvigorated. The fuel itself is 60% water, and is liquid-stable at ambient pressure and temperature, meaning it’s much safer than compressed hydrogen fuel. Any product that runs on petrol, gas or diesel can easily be converted to support our zero emissions fuel.


While hydrogen has been debated in the past as a safe solution to today’s energy crisis, those claims were dependent on the costly and dangerous exercise of compressing the gas to extreme pressures. Instead, our system releases hydrogen ‘on demand’ from the Electriq~Fuel, when the liquid comes into contact with a catalyst, the reaction releases hydrogen that is harnessed to create electricity and power the vehicle. Our fuel is safe, economical, and recyclable –we take the old depleted fuel and add more hydrogen back in which makes new fuel that can be used again and again.


The result? Twice the Range, Half the Price, Zero Emissions.

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