The Opportunity

In the quest for zero-emissions energy, the perfect solution has not yet been found. Lithium-Ion batteries are short on range and the recharge time is far too long. Compressed hydrogen is expensive to store and transport (due to safety requirements) and entails high operating and setup capital costs. As such, the market is actively seeking clean energy system that is competitive with fossil fuel’s cost and performance.

The Ecosystem


Headquartered in Melbourne Australia, with R&D Centre in Israel, Electriq~Global is a pre-revenue start-up that is in discussions and active collaborations with commercialisation partners: Truck development with one of the world’s largest hydrogen vehicle OEM; Fuel regeneration plant in Israel; Range extension of battery powered electric buses with a leading heavy-duty electric powertrain manufacturer.


Electriq~Global is backed by high net worth investors, many of which are from the oil & gas and automotive industries. Investors are from the EU, USA, Australia, China, and Israel. The company has received numerous global grants from leading public organizations.


Supply Chain Partners: Electriq~Global is teaming up with refineries and industrial plants (chlorine and steel) for collaboration in the fuel recycling process. The company also wishes to team up with gas transporters and downstream partners.

Application Partners: Our technological solution can be integrated into a vast number of applications. Trucks, buses, material handling, marine, generators, and surplus energy storage are just some of the sectors where this technology is applicable.

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