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If you could help solve one of the world’s biggest problems, would you?

If it was as simple as helping spread the word, will you?

For decades, scientists have been searching for a reliable source of clean energy that can replace fossil fuels while meeting our global energy demands.

The United States Department of Energy put out a white-paper in February 2002 saying that “Hydrogen has the potential to solve two major energy challenges that confront America today: reducing dependence on petroleum imports and reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions”. So that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Our fuel means there’s no longer a need for the harmful emissions from oil and petroleum. Now it’s a matter of getting it out into the world.

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The team at Electriq~Global, headed by Dr Alex Silberman, has been able to comprehensively solve these global energy challenges. Now they’re working with world leading customers to develop a range of different vehicles and other applications.


The goal and opportunity is amazing:

Twice the Range

Half the Price

Zero Emissions

We’ve solved Tesla’s range problems. We’ve solved the safety issues in the costly exercise of compressed hydrogen. Our fuel is a revolutionary new approach: Electriq~Fuel is a liquid energy which can replace traditional diesel and fossil fuels, while also outperforming our green competitors.

We are already working with companies across the planet to bring our open-source fuel to the world. Alongside hundreds of investors and thousands of “make this happen” supporters, we’re showing governments and manufactures the world is ready… we now need your help to make that a tribe of millions.

How can you help? Join the team.

We’ll be sharing the behind-the-scenes tech and commercial wins so you can follow the journey and help drive Electriq~Fuel and Electriq~Vehicles in your city. We’ll keep it light but we’ll keep you informed. The truth will come out… be a part of the journey.




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The name of the game is speed. The faster we can rollout, the better it is for the planet so we don’t get stuck with a sub-par solution for yet another generation.

With your support we aim to:

  • Deliver the most efficient version of the technology possible
  • Build a huge global community to get the word out
  • See this technology in the marketplace as soon as possible
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