Baruch Halpert

Executive Chairman

Baruch Halpert is a well-rounded Start-Up Entrepreneur and Turn-Around specialist across multiple industries: Nano-Technology, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Oil & Gas, Internet and Finance. He is an out of the box thinker known for his quick execution on breakthrough technologies. As the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Electriq~Global, Baruch’s mission is to bring an affordable, safe and zero-emission fuel to the masses. In addition to Electriq~, Baruch serves as chairman of the board for Hadasit Bio-Holdings Ltd and is the managing director at Sapir Capital, an independent investment firm.

Early in his career, Baruch was active in oil and gas exploration in Israel. In that capacity he obtained, developed, and sold the rights to an Israeli oil and gas exploration license, the Megiddo Prospect, to Ultra Petroleum (AMEX: UPL). In 1997, Baruch founded E*TRADE Israel ( Obtaining a license from E*TRADE, Baruch put together a core management team and headed several successful rounds of financing. Following E*TRADE, Baruch was Head of Corporate Finance at Fantine Capital.

Baruch holds an LLB Degree (Hons.) from Reading University, UK.

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